Tuesday, November 30, 2010

"I'm gett'in noth'in for Christmas"

Well hopefully not! But really, that's what I deserve. My birthday was right after Thanksgiving and my hubby went ABOVE and BEYOND, and took our bank account to "INFINITY AND BEYOND". I was so speechless and still am. I usually have the ability to veto most of what I think he is thinking of buying for me (cause it's usually too much). This time was quite different. Yes, it is exactly what I wanted but I still have a hard time accepting all of it. Oh well! Like I said, "I'm gett'in noth'in for Christmas"! Maybe Brandon too.:( No, not really. I have to come up with something. The question is always, but WHAT? Especially after being spoiled so bad! Any ideas? Slippers made out of toilet paper? Earmuffs made out of laundry lint? Uh, I know! Earplugs made out of mini-marshmallows, for when the kids get too rowdy! Yea, except what about when they start to warm up from being in the ear too long? That might get a little messy I'm afraid. Oh well! Guess it doesn't matter cause, "I'm gett'in noth'in for Christmas".

P.S. This photo was taken with a brand new Android smart phone that was part of my present. In this box which was given a couple days after the phone, was a super nice Canon SLR with tripod, case, SD cards, battery packs, and lenses! Yes, I did say lenses! AAAAhhhhh! Still in shock! Thank you. I feel better.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

I love to be a Mother

These are my favorite faces!
I get to see them everyday!

I am a very lucky mom.
My heart is always full.

It's a special priveledge to be a mother.
No one can take my place.

I've been crowned with one of the highest responsibilities.
A mother's love is more powerful than all others.

A mother is a child's primary teacher and nurturer.
Motherhood is such a precious gift!

Our calling is great!
But our reward is even greater.

Motherhood is divine and sacred.
Motherhood is a work from God.
I would never choose anything other.
My children will learn from ME their most important teacher.
That is what God intended.
That's why he sent them to ME.

I will hold this calling high,
Above all others.
This is MY work!
Because I am a Mother.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Creepy cats, Best friends, The Halloween season, and Homemade salsa!!

Me and #5 being "CREEPY CATS"!

My best friend from Canada came to see me last week. We had a great time! We met in Park City for a day and enjoyed some great shopping and girl time! I also had the BEST fish and chips of my entire life!! I know you think big deal, right? Well just let me remind you I am from the Great Northwest you know. We kind of like to brag about our fish. And as my father says, "If you can't see the water.... don't eat the fish!" But I must say, even though I can't see any water in Park City, any REAL water, that is, I ate the fish and it was GOOOOD!! It was dang good. Amazing I tell you! Red Rock Brewing Co. in Park City. You must go and try their beer battered Halibut fish and chips. Leave the chips even, just eat the fish! So white, so flaky, so thick! It melts in your mouth. You won't even believe you are eating fish. I can't wait to go again. I told the hubby all about it. Next time we are anywhere near Park City, we are there!

Halloween is fast approaching and we are excited! We couldn't help stocking up on pumpkins for carving and for roasting pumpking seeds. We love 'em! And of course more baked goods, Halloween cupcakes!!

And last but not least, canning homemade salsa! Dun dun dun... total flop. First time canning, and first time at real homemade salsa. Not only did one of the jars burst during the steaming process, but it ended up being way too salty. Oh well, maybe next time. I guess I don't handle defeat too well when it comes to working in the kitchen. My fridge is already stocked full of salsa ingredients again. Wish me luck!!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Why do I even make THESE?

I have NO control when it comes to these! I start out thinking I won't eat any. I'll let Brandon and the kids eat them.
Then it's, well,... maybe I'll have just ONE. I did go to all the trouble making them in the first place. I should at least eat ONE. I should let myself enjoy it just a little bit. Well, that's when it happens. I've had my first few bites and it's heaven. It's a rush of yumminess that I can't live without. It reminds me of the sinfully delicious Cinnabon's that my Mom and I could NEVER resist while cruising the mall.

Before I know it....., it's gone! And I'm scraping my plate for every last bit of gooey cinnamon swirled dough topped with the perfectly balanced butter and cream cheese frosting. I clean my fork and immediately am thinking I wish I had just ONE more bite.

You know what's coming next right? My mind is reeling. "Don't even think about having another." "Oh, but I could just tear off one more little piece." I wrestle with myself. And, I win. The bad side wins. Not the sensible one that has limits. The other side. The one that tells me, while I contemplate the whole thing in the beginning, "You are so domestic. You're kids and husband will love you forever if you make these." "Good moms make yummy, delicious, homemade goodies for their family." "It's the nice thing to do."

BACK...BACK!! You evil, belly bulging, brain triggering opioid.

You see, the truth is, that I have made THREE batches of these in the last THREE days. Now do you see where my delirium comes from?!

Aaahhh.... there. Thank you for letting me get that off my chest.

Oh, and yes I had more than two....a few times.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Darn Burros!

Does anyone have a steel gate I can borrow? No, I'm not getting into the cattle business just yet. But I do have a few kids I need to herd from time to time.

My measly wooden gate doesn't seem to be doing the trick anymore. I have a little burro that won't stop breaking through the gate. It's not like he's looking for food on the other side. I guess he just thinks it's the next best thing to climbing a mountain.

O.k., there's really no burro. It's just our determined little Carsen following the rest of the herd. (That would be the other four little burros.) Go Carsen! He can finally climb the stairs.



Saturday, September 11, 2010

Where's Cierra ?????

Have you ever been so busy one of your children gets lost in the mix? But you always find them asleep in big brothers room, or looking at a book in the closet. Well Braden, Carsen and Kyan are all sick. I (Big B) am trying to take care of them and clean the kitchen at the same time. Heidi and Grace had escaped to go shopping. I suddenly realized Cierra was missing. I called out her name but she didn't answer, she never does for me. Then I looked in all the rooms, and all the closets, NOTHING. I started to freak out knowing she was probably outside looking for Brianna and Kellie (the neighbor girls whom babysit Cierra) and hoping she was not hurt. Luckily Brianna and Kellie were right outside painting the fence and Cierra was with them. They told me she came over and said "me help". It was so cute I couldn't be mad, so I got her a paint brush from our garage. She was so happy to be painting and acting like a big girl. I took pictures.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Kindergarten Eve

Tomorrow's the big day! I can't wait! He can't wait! We all can't wait! But yet, I'm also sad, and nervous, and anxious and well,...you get the point.

I'm a mom, what can I say. It's my first time sending a child off to school and I'm just mixed with emotions. He's my oldest! He's my firtborn! He's my boy! I'm torn.

I'm going to really miss him. It's been me and him, not just him, but me and him for five whole years. And now it's going to change. That's a big change for me.

We often have the same basic, but nonstop, million things to do in a day routine. And the biggest change is him not being here.

I'm thrilled for him. I can't wait to see the changes.
It's feels like the next phase of life for him which will bring great change and growth. The time where he grows to become ever more like the amazing child I dream for him to become. Another opportunity to look upon my child with great admiration and pride which I already feel so much for him.

Son, you make us so proud. You are one of my greatest and sweetest treasures. I love your strength. I love your tenderness. I love your smile and your laugh. I love the way you tease. I love the way you are determined and driven. I love your hugs. I love it when you lead.

Learn well Braden. Be teachable. Be an example. Be determined and BE Braden.

I love you!