Saturday, October 25, 2008

Finally an update that doesn't stem from a worried place in my heart. Things are going quite well. Of course that doesn't mean life has slowed down to the speed of less than 90 miles an hour. But hey, once you get used to that speed of life it becomes normal. I think Brandon and I wish we could make multiple clones of ourselves or at least pay people to do the things we never have time to do. We have been fortunate enough to discover that our next door neighbors kids are quite good little worker bees. I say that kindly. Brandon has recruited the two older sons the last month or so to help put in our spinkler system. They were a great help and a lot more affordable than some of the bids we've gotten. Just today I decided to enjoy a couple hours up town all by myself. What a treat to get a break. When I got back the two sisters from next door were in my kitchen cleaning and doing dishes. Hallelujah! What a wonderful surprise. Because yes, even though my house was a mess from top to bottom I did leave to have some time for myself. Brandon asked the girls if they could come help do some cleaning and they were anxious to help. They were so sweet and helped us out a ton. Those kind of surprises are becoming my favorite these days.

O.k., enough about me let's talk about those babies! Carsen has an Occupational Therapist that comes to see him twice a month. He came last week to work with Carsen. So far he has been very pleased with Carsen's abilities and progress. At this point he has some concern about Carsen's left arm movement. Now, if you know anything about where Carsen was three or four months ago you know that that is nothing. Of course, Carsen is still very very young. We will not know definites for awhile still. But, we have so much reason to celebrate every day with him. And of course his sister too. It's so hard to really grasp the reality of his miracles sometimes. He has so far conquered soooo much. And boy let me tell you he is not done. Everyday he amazes me. I mean every single day. To think that the sadness and pain we used to feel for him would ever begin to fade is amazing to me. Especially this soon in his life. We used to hear such dim and hopeless things from Doctors. Now everyday that I have him his light and his strength and personality just shine so bright. He is very much full of life and energy. Even though he is a very laid back baby you can't underestimate his spirit and vitality. He brings so much to this family. He and his little sister are priceless little gems. We wouldn't know what to do without them. What a joy they are!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Life is Crazy

This is looooong overdue! Well, as you can imagine life has been a little overwhelming for the Eskelson household. I don't even have time to call my own mother anymore! For me that's pretty bad. I wish I could log everything that has gone on over the last couple months but I'm not even going to try. Sorry. One of the main reasons I had not had time for an update after Carsen's welcome home was because of a very frightening experience. Carsen had only been home about two weeks when he unexpectedly stopped breathing. I can't even put into words what that was like. After stimulation (like the nurses had shown me before) there was no response. I had to start breaths and compressions. Carsen thankfully, started to breathe again. But did not totally recover. He started to slip into it again a couple minutes later. I called 911. They took Carsen to the hospital almost right away. He continued this cycle off and on for a couple of hours until they got him on the ventilator ready to board the Life Flight helicopter back to Primary Children's. Carsen was put through many tests and Dr.'s concluded that it was neurological. They couldn't find any other cause. He is now on a medicine that helps stimulate the area of the brain responsible for breathing. He has done really well with breathing since then. The Dr.'s hope by about ten months of age he will outgrow the risk of not breathing. I won't even go into the realm of emotion that a mother has to go through when enduring something like this. It's undescribeable. It will forever be burned into my mind and my heart. I just pray I will never have to go through that again.

So, ever since then I have been obviously overwhelmed and preoccupied with my responsibilities. These two little angels are quite a handful. But I also must add JOY FUL. They are such a treasure in our lives. They are an immense amount of work but sooooo worth it. My bond with these two continues to grow when I think how can it get any stronger. Carsen is the most wonderful cuddler in the world! How lucky am I! You can just feel his love for you when you hold and love him. And Cierra what a spitfire! She is amazing. She has so much life and vitality in her. And boy does she know how to lay it on. Her smile will nock your socks off! Watch out. You might get sucked in.
I realize this is a very short update for all that has happened. I really didn't want to go into tons of detail about Carsen. We are trying to get past that day and the weeks that followed and enjoy the now. Thanks once again for the continued prayers and thoughts from everyone. It does us so much good. We have the best family and friends in the world!