Saturday, February 28, 2009

Watch out Grandpa Towne!

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Braden turns four years old on March 1st. So today we had his birthday party at the local bowling alley. First we have to thank Grandma and Grandpa Towne for the Nintendo Wii for Christmas because now Braden thinks he is the worlds best bowler. Well, we all know that real bowling is not as easy as the Wii. But, after seeing Braden play the real thing maybe the Wii really has taught him something. Sooo..... move over Grandpa Towne you have some competition now!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Back to Basics

Well, Carsen has decided to show me who's boss once again. I try so hard to show him it's me but he just won't budge. (Sounds a bit like myself, hmmm.) When it comes to eating Carsen wants to be in complete control! Not a big deal if he liked to eat. But he doesn't! Well, not enough. So with counsel from the doctor and feeding specialist we have decided to go back to the basics. Since Carsen has come home we have tried everything we could think of to get this guy to eat! Sadly none of our tricks or methods have really been very effective. Yes he has gained weight all along which has definitely been the goal. But, he still struggles with feedings and often hardly takes half of his bottle. So, since the new routine he has gained zero. Not good! I can't stand it when I see this happen. The doctor has said to keep up the routine and not to try my old tricks that used to get more ounces in him but took a very long time and almost took all my attention from everyone and everything else. In short, emotionally exhausting for me and never any time left over for the other kids. So here we go again. We hope this method works! Aside from all that... he and his lttle sister sure are cuties!!! Here's a little peek.