Monday, June 8, 2009

36 weeks and counting.......

Here I am going on my 37th week and everything seems to look good. The fact that I have made it this far is just a relief! No more worries of having a super early preemie. I keep telling my doctor I just want a big baby! No more one and a half pounders. I keep thinking at least seven pounds would be great. Although, after hearing about our home teachers' wife and her delivery last week I think maybe bigger isn't always best. She had a 10lb. 6oz.'er. NATURALLY!! Whoa, you go girl! (At home even, with a midwife.) Thankfully, all are doing well. So I think I'll stick to my seven pound range if I can. As far as the rest of the family goes I think the older kids are looking forward to meeting their little and LAST baby brother. They keep asking when baby "so and so" is going to come out. I say so and so just in case we change our minds on the name. You never know. Especially when it comes to me. I finally have everyone a little more settled in their rooms to make space in our room for baby. The twins of course share a room but have separate cribs. They are getting bigger and bigger and need more room to roll around in their sleep. Besides, Cierra still likes to crawl all over her brother like he's just some squishy pillow that makes sound when you sit on it. For that reason alone I think he thoroughly enjoys his own crib. All she can do is squawk at him through the wooden bars of her own crib from across the room. Just to update you on Carsen's feeding tube issue we are still on the schedule for the G-tube surgery this month. I would like to hope that something changes and we can cancel it but for now I'm not counting on it. Yesterday he had the NG tube placed in his nose. Brandon and I were both able to get trained on how to place it and use it. It's kind of a scary thing to be responsible for. The risk of placing it in the lungs is very real. The nurse who trained us said she had actually had a feeding tube placed in her lungs when she was in the hospital for some kind of surgery. She said it was pretty awful. Luckily they checked the placement before feeding her. Anyway, it is scary but at the same time I like the fact that you can remove it and it's gone. Not like the G-tube. They only remove the G-tube after 6 to 8 months of taking all foods and fluids by mouth. But the one good thing about all this is that Carsen is definitely going to get the amount of fluids that he needs. No more barely wet diapers, and no more worries of dehydration. They've also always said that development goes hand in hand with proper calorie intake. So, we hope to see progress there as well. As for Cierra's development she is still doing very well. She is climbing the stairs every chance she gets. She waves hi and goodbye, plays peek-a-boo, dances, pulls herself to standing, says N0 NO NO, and more. We couldn't be more pleased with all her progress. It's so fun to watch the older kids entertain the twins. They are always competing to see who can make Carsen laugh the hardest. He cracks up at them over the smallest thing. The whole family seems to stop what their doing and be drawn in to the room when Carsen starts his infectious laughing. It's great!