Tuesday, November 30, 2010

"I'm gett'in noth'in for Christmas"

Well hopefully not! But really, that's what I deserve. My birthday was right after Thanksgiving and my hubby went ABOVE and BEYOND, and took our bank account to "INFINITY AND BEYOND". I was so speechless and still am. I usually have the ability to veto most of what I think he is thinking of buying for me (cause it's usually too much). This time was quite different. Yes, it is exactly what I wanted but I still have a hard time accepting all of it. Oh well! Like I said, "I'm gett'in noth'in for Christmas"! Maybe Brandon too.:( No, not really. I have to come up with something. The question is always, but WHAT? Especially after being spoiled so bad! Any ideas? Slippers made out of toilet paper? Earmuffs made out of laundry lint? Uh, I know! Earplugs made out of mini-marshmallows, for when the kids get too rowdy! Yea, except what about when they start to warm up from being in the ear too long? That might get a little messy I'm afraid. Oh well! Guess it doesn't matter cause, "I'm gett'in noth'in for Christmas".

P.S. This photo was taken with a brand new Android smart phone that was part of my present. In this box which was given a couple days after the phone, was a super nice Canon SLR with tripod, case, SD cards, battery packs, and lenses! Yes, I did say lenses! AAAAhhhhh! Still in shock! Thank you. I feel better.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

I love to be a Mother

These are my favorite faces!
I get to see them everyday!

I am a very lucky mom.
My heart is always full.

It's a special priveledge to be a mother.
No one can take my place.

I've been crowned with one of the highest responsibilities.
A mother's love is more powerful than all others.

A mother is a child's primary teacher and nurturer.
Motherhood is such a precious gift!

Our calling is great!
But our reward is even greater.

Motherhood is divine and sacred.
Motherhood is a work from God.
I would never choose anything other.
My children will learn from ME their most important teacher.
That is what God intended.
That's why he sent them to ME.

I will hold this calling high,
Above all others.
This is MY work!
Because I am a Mother.