Thursday, February 4, 2010

Do I really have time to do this?

The pleasant sound of Kyan's sleep inducing humidifier whoooing in the background makes my heart smile. He has not been able to keep much of a sleeping pattern until about a couple of weeks ago. (NOT SO FUN!) But finally we have him into a good sleeping pattern taking a couple naps during the day and waking only a couple times during the night. I must say, sleep is....goooood! The poor kid went from sleeping only in a swing in our room, to sleeping in a swing in his room, to sleeping in a bassinet in his room to a bassinet in our room, and now in our closet. Not because we are mean or cruel, he just seems to sleep really good in there. It's dark, quiet, and smells like mommy! What could be better? So, besides the fact that I get to sleep more and I love that, Kyan is literally starting to grow again with the amount of sleep he's getting. His Pediatrician revealed to us that he had not grown in length from November to January partly because of lack of sleep but also because of lack of calories. Kyan did not like anything but nursing and apparently that was no longer enough. But as of a couple of weeks ago he has finally started drinking plain formula. He's taking his time on liking anything else. As long as he's getting enough calories and getting enough sleep, I'm happy. Well, I guess that's all that makes me happy too. Calories and sleep! We're both pretty simple I guess.

Carsen and Cierra are two months shy of their second birthday. Crazy! Time has flown and crept by. In the beginning each day was such a struggle for them and me but I'd say since their first birthday things have been somewhat easier(minus the six months of fussy/sleepy baby and mommy), and their progress so much more visible.

We took the twins to a speech pathologist this week who gave us some feedback on how they are doing. Not really to our surprise Carsen displayed a higher level than Cierra with their communication skills. Of course we are aware of this because we see it ourselves, but it's different seeing Carsen progressing quicker than Cierra. They tested equal in receptive communication but Carsen was ahead in his expressive communication. Yeah Carsen! We've got our work cut out for us though. Lots, and lots, and lots of talking and naming things to Cierra. For some reason that's exhausting for me. (And for Brandon's ears.)

Carsen is still crawling his own way. As, uncle Rod put it...."like we did it in 'Nam". We have to practice lots of supported standing with Carsen to help his legs learn how to bare weight. He doesn't enjoy that process for very long. His legs still seem pretty weak and tight....if that makes any sense. His muscles are weak but his hips are tight and that equals difficulty in standing and alternating leg movements. So we're working on that as well. I swear Brandon and I should be considered certified in something after all of this knowledge and experience we've gained. Really! It's truly higher education paid for by the state and our insurance company. Too bad we don't get the paper on the wall to back it up. I feel tempted sometimes to pursue that line of work in the (distant) future. Who knows. I'll probably be too old and senile by then.

Oh yeah, and there's two more to talk about.(Braden and Gracie). The T.V. and the WII works so they seem just fine. Oh I shouldn't have said that out loud. I mean they are practicing their letters and numbers everday and learning how to read, write, cook and clean. O.k. no, not that either. The truth is that they get mommy as much as possible.(Not very possible really.) We get by each day often times with minimal yelling, timeouts, and meltdowns. I think everyone has had to learn how to take each day as it comes and try to take turns with getting enough attention, and time with mom and dad. And that is also a work in progress. I hope at least they are getting a little bit of Mommy 101 out of it all.