Thursday, November 4, 2010

I love to be a Mother

These are my favorite faces!
I get to see them everyday!

I am a very lucky mom.
My heart is always full.

It's a special priveledge to be a mother.
No one can take my place.

I've been crowned with one of the highest responsibilities.
A mother's love is more powerful than all others.

A mother is a child's primary teacher and nurturer.
Motherhood is such a precious gift!

Our calling is great!
But our reward is even greater.

Motherhood is divine and sacred.
Motherhood is a work from God.
I would never choose anything other.
My children will learn from ME their most important teacher.
That is what God intended.
That's why he sent them to ME.

I will hold this calling high,
Above all others.
This is MY work!
Because I am a Mother.


Ashlee said...

You are the BEST mother!!! That was beautiful! And what cute little angels you have. Those pictures are so cute. I love all your posts! Congrats on getting a girls night! That was well deserved. And cute halloween pics! I'm glad to hear that you make the sweets too! We are not weak...we just need a bit of the "good stuff!"
We're excited to see you guys tomorrow!