Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Creepy cats, Best friends, The Halloween season, and Homemade salsa!!

Me and #5 being "CREEPY CATS"!

My best friend from Canada came to see me last week. We had a great time! We met in Park City for a day and enjoyed some great shopping and girl time! I also had the BEST fish and chips of my entire life!! I know you think big deal, right? Well just let me remind you I am from the Great Northwest you know. We kind of like to brag about our fish. And as my father says, "If you can't see the water.... don't eat the fish!" But I must say, even though I can't see any water in Park City, any REAL water, that is, I ate the fish and it was GOOOOD!! It was dang good. Amazing I tell you! Red Rock Brewing Co. in Park City. You must go and try their beer battered Halibut fish and chips. Leave the chips even, just eat the fish! So white, so flaky, so thick! It melts in your mouth. You won't even believe you are eating fish. I can't wait to go again. I told the hubby all about it. Next time we are anywhere near Park City, we are there!

Halloween is fast approaching and we are excited! We couldn't help stocking up on pumpkins for carving and for roasting pumpking seeds. We love 'em! And of course more baked goods, Halloween cupcakes!!

And last but not least, canning homemade salsa! Dun dun dun... total flop. First time canning, and first time at real homemade salsa. Not only did one of the jars burst during the steaming process, but it ended up being way too salty. Oh well, maybe next time. I guess I don't handle defeat too well when it comes to working in the kitchen. My fridge is already stocked full of salsa ingredients again. Wish me luck!!