Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Why do I even make THESE?

I have NO control when it comes to these! I start out thinking I won't eat any. I'll let Brandon and the kids eat them.
Then it's, well,... maybe I'll have just ONE. I did go to all the trouble making them in the first place. I should at least eat ONE. I should let myself enjoy it just a little bit. Well, that's when it happens. I've had my first few bites and it's heaven. It's a rush of yumminess that I can't live without. It reminds me of the sinfully delicious Cinnabon's that my Mom and I could NEVER resist while cruising the mall.

Before I know it....., it's gone! And I'm scraping my plate for every last bit of gooey cinnamon swirled dough topped with the perfectly balanced butter and cream cheese frosting. I clean my fork and immediately am thinking I wish I had just ONE more bite.

You know what's coming next right? My mind is reeling. "Don't even think about having another." "Oh, but I could just tear off one more little piece." I wrestle with myself. And, I win. The bad side wins. Not the sensible one that has limits. The other side. The one that tells me, while I contemplate the whole thing in the beginning, "You are so domestic. You're kids and husband will love you forever if you make these." "Good moms make yummy, delicious, homemade goodies for their family." "It's the nice thing to do."

BACK...BACK!! You evil, belly bulging, brain triggering opioid.

You see, the truth is, that I have made THREE batches of these in the last THREE days. Now do you see where my delirium comes from?!

Aaahhh.... there. Thank you for letting me get that off my chest.

Oh, and yes I had more than two....a few times.


Jensens said...

I am totally with you on this!! Cinnamon rolls are a BIG weakness! Those looks scrumptious! I have the same crazy talk in my head whenever I make something yummy--because good mommy's make good treats for their beloved family! (or myself!) I feel your pain (from the full belly!) :) Go eat another one for me! (I won't tell!)