Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Kindergarten Eve

Tomorrow's the big day! I can't wait! He can't wait! We all can't wait! But yet, I'm also sad, and nervous, and anxious and well,...you get the point.

I'm a mom, what can I say. It's my first time sending a child off to school and I'm just mixed with emotions. He's my oldest! He's my firtborn! He's my boy! I'm torn.

I'm going to really miss him. It's been me and him, not just him, but me and him for five whole years. And now it's going to change. That's a big change for me.

We often have the same basic, but nonstop, million things to do in a day routine. And the biggest change is him not being here.

I'm thrilled for him. I can't wait to see the changes.
It's feels like the next phase of life for him which will bring great change and growth. The time where he grows to become ever more like the amazing child I dream for him to become. Another opportunity to look upon my child with great admiration and pride which I already feel so much for him.

Son, you make us so proud. You are one of my greatest and sweetest treasures. I love your strength. I love your tenderness. I love your smile and your laugh. I love the way you tease. I love the way you are determined and driven. I love your hugs. I love it when you lead.

Learn well Braden. Be teachable. Be an example. Be determined and BE Braden.

I love you!


Jensens said...

You are such a great mom! Sending the first, then second, then third off to school is HARD! I cry every August as I see my children growing up and moving on. He will do great-as he has incredible parents who have taught him well. Sending a big hug to you! (just breathe! one step at a time!) :)