Thursday, August 26, 2010

Grasshoppers! "Shaken not stirred"

The end of summer is near. School has started for most, and the sounds of children laughing and screaming outside are beginning to fade. The desire to ride bikes, hit golf balls off the front lawn, and play with the bubble machine is no longer very strong.

So what does one do to cure this end of summer let down?

How about pull out the water machine guns one more time and have a 3 hour battle?

Or, how about we build another water erupting volcano in the sandbox that floods everything?

No? Maybe pile every kid in the neighborhood into the Hummer one more time and see if it breaks....again?


Did someone say Grasshopper hunting??!!

Yeah, you know we could catch them very carefully with a pair of pliers so we don't have to touch them. Then we can ask people if they want to buy them! That's a GREAT idea!! Everyone is looking to buy a few grasshoppers at the end of summer for absolutely no reason at all. Which they would have absolutely no use for at all. YAY!!!!! Let's do it!

Oh, and after we have caught them and seal them TIGHTLY in a ziploc bag, and get annoyed with them when they crawl up the edge of the bag or when they crawl on top of each other, let's be sure and shake them as vigorously as possible, OVER and OVER until they want to puke.

My how sad it will be when summer has finally faded and gone. What will we think of then?


Jensens said...

Okay--that made me laugh so hard! I LOVE the minds of children! Too funny! One summer (JULY), Cassidy decided to make paper snowflakes and made a big poster and sat on the edge of our lawn and "sold them". (we lived in the country and had 1 other person on our lane!) she took pity and bought a snowflake! Kids are the best! I wish I had 1/2 their energy, their pure faith, and their "brilliantness"! Too cute!