Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Sunday the babies hit their 33+ week. We still don't know exactly when they will be coming home but we have always been told to count on or around their actual due date of July 26th. Carsen weighs 4pds.3oz. and Cierra is at 3pds. 15oz. Yeah! We always enjoy hearing about their weight gain.
On Tuesday we got some really fun news. First, the babies nurse told us that they were moved from room one, which is the room with the highest level of care in the nicu, to room three. Second, she said that they are out of their isolettes now and into an open crib TOGETHER! We were thrilled. Especially since we cannot always be up there with them. Now they can keep each other company. It made us feel so good.

Since Carsen was first taken off the ventilater a few weeks ago he has only been back on once. He has been doing really well since he was last extubated. Both Carsen and Cierra have a nasal canula for oxygen support and feeding tubes through their nose getting mommy's milk. No IV's or other tubes.

Carsen has not had a head ultrasound for awhile but the Doctors say his outcome is expected to be the same as before. Moderate to severe disabilities. We continue to pray and hope for the best possible outcome for our little guy. That's all we can do. Thankfully, Cierra has been almost perfect from day one. We are so grateful for that.

We so appreciate the love, support, and prayers from ALL of our friends and family. Thank you.