Saturday, June 28, 2008

Getting Bigger!

Yesterday Renee the babies developmental specialist called to give us an update. Not much was new. She said Carsen had a little higher tone than a week ago. That means his legs and arms were a little tighter than before. She said he still is in the normal range just at the high end. She also said it may have been because he was a little agitated. The nurse had just suctioned his nose out before Renee's visit. This could be the reason why his tone was higher. But it may also be related to his brain issues. He did a little better at tracking this time. His eyes followed her just a little. Renee said for his age and prematurity that it was very normal to have minimal tracking. Carsen has been taking about half of a single feeding by bottle, every other feeding. He is practicing and doing pretty good. When I am up in Ogden we practice nursing as well. He has done very well. The first time a week ago Renee observed him and was amazed at how well he did. She actually started to cry she thought it was so great. She's a wonderful lady. The next day after 20 minutes of decent nursing I attempted to burp little Carsen. The sweet little guy nuzzled right up into my neck with his cute little arm on my shoulder. It was so wonderful to feel him really want to be close to his Mommy. After awhile Brandon got up to take a picture of us and noticed his eyes were wide awake. He lay against me perfectly calm and still with eyes wide open. It was a special experience for me. The babies are rarely awake and not for very long. I felt like all that Carsen wanted was to be in his Mommy's embrace. I was grateful for that experience.

Cierra has done really well with her evaluations from Renee. She tracks a little bit and has really good tone. She does really well on the bottle. Like Carsen her feedings are alternated with a bottle. She is also learning to nurse. The coordination of the sucking, breathing, and swallowing is something they both are trying to learn. Cierra loves her binky and that helps her practice two of the three.

We sure miss our babies. It gets harder to leave when I have more to contribute now to their progress. We love seeing them together in the same crib. I forget what it's like having a singleton baby. Seeing them together seems totally normal now. I forget that twins is not the norm. All I can say is it's quite a treat. It's a wonderful gift. We are grateful.


Phillip & Deneigh said...

Yeah, their progress is so wonderful! We are so happy for you guys! Please call us when you're up in Ogden again. Keep us updated.

Ashlee said...

They are getting so big. It was so good to see you guys, every time we're with you it feels like we never left! You guys are the best. Our prayers are still with you and Hunter prays for you every night, a childs prayer seems to work better I think! Let me know if I can help and I will get that header done this week, I promise!

Misty said...

It is really good to see your little ones getting bigger, and doing so well. Hang in there it is getting closer for all of you to come home. I remember the day my girls and I got to come home. I was so excited but very nervous. They had been off the oxygen for just about 2 months but I didn't know how the higher altitude in the mountains on the way home would affect them. I asked the docotor at St. Marks, they were not sure either. So to be safe we rented a monitor and oxygen from Praxair. I was glad we did. Kacie's oxygen level had went down at the top of the canyon so we gave her a little blow by on oxygen and she was fine. I thought I would let you guys know. You might want to talk to your docotors to be safe. If there is anything we can do for you guys please let us know. We know what you are going threw and what you will be going threw. It is the hardest thing I have gone in my life. Just know you are not alone. You are in our prayers and thoughts. Love, Brad, Misty