Monday, June 2, 2008



This weekend Braden, Grace, and I went to Ogden with Grandpa and Grandma Eskelson to see the twins. Heidi was still too sick to go into the hospital, and I hadn’t seen the twins up close for almost three weeks. It was really good to see them too. They both looked so good, it really did my heart good to see how healthy they both look.

Braden and Grace both got to go back and see them up close. Braden was so proud to see his little brother and sister. He was talking to them and holding their little hands so gently. Grace was really intimidated by everything and seemed apprehensive about everything. But she did like looking in at the babies. We all can’t wait to go back really soon and hang out with them some more.


maryann said...

Thanks for keeping us updated - our hearts and prayers are with you - always.