Friday, May 8, 2009

Happy Birthday Babies!

On April 13th we celebrated the babies first birthday! It was a wonderful day with much to celebrate. They have been able to accomplish so much over the past year. We feel so blessed to have such special little babies who have fought so hard to be where they are.

Carsen is doing really well eating solids now. He still has some trouble taking the bottle as much as we'd like him to. But overall he seems to be getting enough to keep him satisfied. Sometimes that means he gains weight and sometimes it means he just stays the same. His eating and weight gain are still a concern with the Doctors but not enough to doing anything drastic.

Carsen has been able to roll over from his right side for some time now. Well, good news is that as of a couple of days ago he has learned to roll over from his left side! That may not sound big to some but for us and Carsen it's huge! His left side has been the side there has always been some concern about. Mainly the tightness in his left arm and hand. We have tried to give a lot of attention to this area. Often it feels like he has maxed out his level of progress in a certain area. Then finally, much to our surprise he shows us that he is not done by any means. It does take time (and patience on my part) but eventually he overcomes or hits that developmental milestone and reminds us that he's going to get it. No matter how long it takes. It's always a huge relief to me because after working on something for months and months you start to worry that it's not ever going to happen. That maybe this is as far as he can go. What a blissful moment it is every time when he shows us otherwise! Then we start the process all over again focusing on the next big milestone. Trying to remind ourselves that its going to once again take time and just remember that eventually he will get it. Just DON'T GIVE UP!

Cierra is still our miniature locomotive. She just goes and goes and lets nothing get in her way. She is fully crawling and trying to pull herself up to standing now. She has two bottom teeth and loves to mimic and babble with you all day long. She's amazing!

I have to mention that Carsen is doing great socially as well. He loves to babble and talk as much as you'll let him. He also has two bottom teeth that are pushing through.

Anyway, as you see I could go on. Sooooo... today I am 32weeks along now and getting closer and closer to having a third baby in the household. CRAZY!! I am getting more and more scared as the due date gets closer. I don't know who to pray for more these days.... the twins, me, or the new unsuspecting baby who has no idea what they are getting themself into. Probably all four just to be safe. Or maybe just Brandon the way he keeps making reference to the fact that he's so close to picking up "drinking". Ha Ha


Hayley said...

YAY!! Congrats on those great milestones. You made it that first year!!! We are doing that same celebrating over each little thing. Therapists are working so hard and then it finally "clicks" and the babies just do it! We get so excited and then start on the next thing! I was just freaking out because my girls are 11 months last week. It has been a crazy lazt year-but look at all we got accomplished in that time! Woohoo for you and us!! We did it!(they told us that first year would be the hardest) Your babies look sooo good-and healthy!

Our girls can both finally sit up by themselves. Brooklyn rolls from back to tummy and avery will soon!?!

Good luck with the new one in the next few months. I can only imagine your anxieties! We will continue to pray for YOU and your babies! We soooo need to get together sometime! Congrats again on birthdays and great milestones!

Nickie said...

Congratulations to you all. It is so good to have a new update on your kiddos. They are adorable! Also, so good to see you at Brndon's baptism. Thanks for coming, and great to see your older kids. We spoke to Derrick on Mother's Day and he comes home exactly 2 months from today on July 14th. We are excited! Greg and I fly to D.C. tomorrow to join our daughter and her husband as he is graduating from law school. They are moving to Salt Lake, so at least it will be closer!! He is a patent attorney. Love to you all, Nickie

Rod Eskelson said...

Brandon Ill have a beer with ya bro! haha that would be weird huh? I never drank with family! err umm drank or umm family or aaaaa okay by.