Tuesday, August 5, 2008

A little less sleep

Cierra has been home now for seventeen days. Today Cierra had a visit from a home health care nurse. Her Pediatrician is hoping that her check ups will work out better this way. It's great for me. Not having to bring Braden, Gracie and Cierra plus monitors to the doctors office is much easier. We also thought this would keep her from getting any bugs that are going around. Well, don't count on that! This past weekend I got a very nasty stomach bug. I was so devastated. I was terrified that Cierra might get it. I felt much better by Sunday. Well, Sunday night it's Brandon's turn. Poor little Cierra is rooming in with a bunch of sickies running back and forth to the bathroom all night. So far she is doing just fine. Thank goodness for hand soap and hospital grade hand sanitizer!

Carsen has been through a lot the last few weeks. He was moved to Primary Children's in Salt Lake. We are very sad that he is no longer at Mckay-Dee in Ogden. For one, my Brother and Sister-in-law are not as close to him. And two, WE LOVE MCKAY-DEE. They were absolutely wonderful. I cannot say enough about those wonderful doctors and nurses. We miss them. Well, Carsen was moved to Primary Children's to have a permanent shunt placed in his head. This allows the spinal fluid that was building up to drain and reabsorb into the body. His recovery has taken longer than we all thought. He struggled with coming off the ventilator after surgery. Carsen just wasn't quite ready to be breathing on his own again. He also had a fair amount of water retention. This is normal but certainly was disheartening for me to see. It's hard to eagerly want to see your little boy after such a surgery and not even recognize him. Finally just a few days ago Carsen was extubated and back to a nasal canula. The swelling has gone down significantly and he is doing quite well. He is just starting to take his feedings by bottle again. We hope he continues to do well. We miss him terribly. It's sooo difficult to have Cierra home and Carsen so far away. We are so torn between them. The best situation for Cierra is to stay home as much as possible. But Carsen needs us and we need Carsen. We are so desperate for the day that he is ready to come home. We miss you little buddy.


maryann said...

Congratulations on getting Cierra home!! We will continue to pray that Carsen can get there too! Love you guys!

Nickie said...

Hi Eskelsons: We continue to pray for your family here in the Eagle Valley Ward. You are missed here. Congratulations on getting little Cierra home, and it will be wonderful for little Carsen to be with his family full time too. Derrick is having good success in Guatemala, and of course loves it there. Greg is working nights up at Vail to repave the roads from Dowd Junction thru East Vail, and we are looking forward to a regular schedule of working days and sleeping nights after Labor Day. I am doing fine, I've been to California several times as my Father is quite ill. I wish you and your family the very best. Thanks for continuing to keep your blog going so we can all keep updated with your family. Take care. Love, The Fowles, Greg and Nickie

Ashlee said...

Okay, I hate & love reading your posts! You always make me cry. WE love you guys so much and it just makes my heart ache that Carsen isn't with you and at the same time, my heart is so happy that Cierra is in your arms at home. What do I feel??? I'm sure you don't know?! You are amazing and Hunter still prays for you guys daily, somehow his prayers seem like they will be answered quicker. The faith of a child! Keep us posted! & let me know if you want a new header or anything at all, I'm here for ya!