Thursday, April 24, 2008

Some good news!

Miracles are already starting to happen for Carsen. The Neonatal Doctor looked at his brain picture’s and x-ray’s and told the nurse Nancy that he wouldn’t have graded the right side of Carsen’s bleeding a 3 but a 2. So it sounds like the right side of his brain is much better than we thought. At grade 2 there is little danger and the right side of the brain is what most of us use for functioning every day. The left side is what we use for creative thinking. We are still praying and hoping for a miracle and that all the bleeding will be gone and he will have no problems. Nancy also told us that a friend of hers that is also a nurse adopted a little boy who had such extensive bleeding on both sides of his brain that they thought it would be fatal. They put in a brain shunt and now he is 11 years old and head of his class and has no noticeable disability what so ever.
Please keep praying and hoping for the best.