Tuesday, April 22, 2008

A new update!


The doctors and nurses have been telling us to prepare for the worst and hope for the best. Last night we got some pretty bad news about Carsen. The doctors did and ultrasound on both babies and found Cierra had a small blood clot on her brain but nothing to worry about. But Carsen had extensive bleeding in his brain that would most likely cause some disabilities later in life. We won’t know how much until months or even years down the road. When there is bleeding on the brain it is graded a 1-4 4 being the worst. Carsen had a grade 3 on his right side and 4 on his left. The doctors say all we can do is hope it has stopped but the damage is irreversible. The nurses can tell their opinion more than have to tell you the consequences and they are telling us to count on divine intervention. And we are. Heidi’s brother Kyle got someone from his ward and went and gave Carsen a blessing last night. He said during the blessing he was reassured that everything will be OK. We are all praying so much and Heidi and I fell calm about the whole situation too. I know that we will be tried in our faith and miracles can happen.
When Cierra had growth on her liver we prayed and it disappeared Carsen had air in his bowels that disappeared after praying. We all just need to pray for Carsen and the miracle will happen.

Here are some pics of before and during it all! Look at Heidi, so amazing!

Ciearra Lynn Eskelson

Carsen John Eskelson


Megan said...

Our Prayers are with you and the little wins! Keep the faith!

Megan said...

Sorry I meant to write little ones! ;)

vlspade said...


I'm Michelle Oakeson's mom. She had called to let me know of your early arrivals. I live is South Weber, just down the hill from South Ogden. We are all praying for your family. If you need anything we're just a call away.

God Bless!
Val Spade