Thursday, June 24, 2010

Blood suckers!

Yesterday Gracie comes in the house and says to me "Hey mom when I do this it hurts my arm". I see her hold her arm up in the air like she is trying to flex her bicep. In a Gracie sort of way that is. As I kneel down to take a closer look I realize that the top of her forearm from the elbow down is swollen, red, and tight almost like a Popeye shaped arm. "Ooh Gracie what happened?" I said. "I don't know." "Well, what do you mean, did something bite you or sting you?" "No." "Well, when did it happen?" "I don't know." obviously this isn't going so well. My investigative skills with my kids lately have been pretty unrevealing.....especially when it comes to when and how they are getting hurt. So, after no success with my questioning I call our favorite Pediatrician's office for the umpteenth time this week asking to get us in asap. No problem!

Come to find out it was most likely a couple of mosquito bites that had started to infect the soft tissue in her arm. O.k. so can I just say here that we are so tired of the mosquito bites so far this season. They have been vicious. I say vicious because it's one thing when it's just you you have to worry about. But when you have five little squishy and soft, warm bodied little babies/toddlers to defend that keep getting bit before you get the spray out, its seems a little vicious!

So we left the Doctors with a dose of Benadryl and a prescription for an antibiotic. Phew! Not too bad. Especially when I think back to the early days with the twins.....not bad at all!


Hayley said...

Oh you guys! :) Each of my kids would swell up like that after getting attacked by mosquitos! BUT, so far (with the first 3), when they turn about 5ish, they stop getting affected that way! Just put your kids in a bubble til their like 10 and you'll be good! :)