Friday, August 21, 2009

We're still alive!!

How will I ever get the time to add new posts? With the addition of our newest baby Kyan, I can't seem to squeeze any extra minutes out of my day. My hands are beyond full. They are definitely being stretched to their maximum! Although, I am able to get some relief when Brandon gets home from work every day. Some days he comes home and I am at the door purse in hand, hair pulled in a ponytail, brow furrowed tight, with a crazy look in my eye ready to run. Unfortunately, my escape is just another unnecessary trip to the grocery store. My choices for escaping here are pretty limited and I really can't leave Brandon home alone with the madness either.

O.k. so now that I got that off my chest. I can move on.

Our little Kyan is about 6 weeks old already! He is still on the small side somewhere between 7 and 8 pounds. But his feet are still huge! Now this guy is a little bit of a high maintenance baby but...... because I know that he is the last he can get away with anything. Even when I have to go pick him up for the third or fourth time in a row after laying him down dead asleep. It makes moving on to the next task, or baby, or toddler almost impossible. And that is partly why our house is so chaotic. Someone else is waiting on me for something that they want and they want it NOW. But when it comes to little Kyan, he gets what he wants every time. I just can't deny him. Even when he insists on sleeping right next to me all night and wakes if I try to move him just a few inches away from me. He's kind of a stinker but once again, he's the last one and he gets what he wants.

So, because time is so precious here are some pictures to fill in the last couple of months.

This was poor Cierra after being left in her walker outside on the patio when the sprinklers turned on before I could get back. She was a good sport!

Carsen....just being cute!

Today was Carsen's first haircut! Looks a bit like Grandpa Towne if you ask me.
Sadly this is Braden and Gracie receiving instruction from their "other" mother....... the TV.

All in all everyone is surviving and doing well. We sure love and adore our newest edition and can't believe how big we've gotten in such a short amount of time. Five kids in four years. Not quite what we expected but so glad to have them all and wouldn't trade them for anything. Thank goodness they are all so little and won't know how looney and imperfect their parents are for quite some time...... As long as no one tells them anyway.


michelle said...

Your newest addition is so cute and your others kids sure have grown. When you get ready to bless him we sure would like to come. We would love to see you and your family again. Our family just need to come up and visit or if you are ever down this way stop by if you have the time.

Michelle Oakeson

Hayley said...

I have been anxiously awaiting a post to see that new little guy! What a precious baby! I can't even fathom how you do what you do right now! I have a friend who just found out she is having twin girls and she has an 8 yr old, 5 yr old, 1 yr old and due soon-Her twins and baby will be 17 mo apart and she is freaking out--kinda like you guys now. You will have to let me know your secrets so I can ease her concerns (or scare her away!):)

Your twins look soooooo good! How adorable are they! I can't believe how awesome they look like their doing! Did Carson get his tube? Your older kids look happy. Don't worry, no one will be telling your kids you guys are looney--we will only be saying how incredible you guys are!!! I seriously think you guys must me the most amazing people to be given 5 kids in 4 years with all the circumstances!
Hang in there, time goes sooo fast and then you will be wishing for these crazy days again (okay maybe not-but the bad days will fade from memory and you'll only remember the great!):) I am happy for your new HEALTHY, BIG baby. He is a cutie. We sooo need to get together, maybe you guys will have a breather in ...2013??? :) JK, even with our craziness, I think it would be easier for us to go there! :) Congrats on your baby and all your kids look great! (and you look awesome in that pic AFTER just having baby #5!!!) Way to go!!!

eaglehings said...

Thanks for posting the pix of your new baby boy. He's adorable as are your other children! We miss you guys, and the spa misses you, Heidi. come and visit (stop laughing), soon!
Love ya,