Friday, January 2, 2009

A New Year!

To our family and friends we hope you all had a wonderful Christmas holiday. We had a very nice holiday with family all throughout the month of December. With the Eskelson family Christmas party and a special surprise by Grandma and Grandpa Towne on Christmas Eve. Thank you to everyone who sent kind Christmas greetings, delivered yummy holiday goodies and of course the very thoughtful gifts for us and the kids. It was a most special holiday for us. Mostly because of the gifts that we have received from our Heavenly Father and his angels (on earth and from Heaven)this past year. Our little babies have been so greatly blessed. So much more than I ever could have imagined. Most of all we have been blessed with the gift of HOPE. Shortly after these babies were born we were given such little hope for Carsen and what his future would hold. That lack of hope is what was so torturous for us during that time. We will never forget that feeling of hopelessness. The only hope we had at that time was that one day Carsen would be wholly restored both body and mind. Gratefully, today we have so much more hope. For Carsen we rejoice. He will not have to wait for that glorious day to enjoy the wonderful gifts of his body and mind. He gets to enjoy those precious gifts now. We have been blessed with great HOPE for Carsen's future. As a mother I can't explain how that makes me feel for my little baby boy. It's the greatest kind of joy I could have. I have learned how important hope is in this journey of life. When it does not exist our trials can overwhelm and overrun us. I am so grateful for the HOPE that our family has been given as we have watched Carsen progress and achieve more by this young age than they once ever expected. We continue to recognize the power of miracles through faith and prayer. We are so grateful for the faith and prayers of so many. Those prayers of faith have helped us to have hope when it seemed so hard to maintain at times. We have never been in this alone and we feel eternally indebted to many for their support. I have learned so much in these past eight months but these lessons have not been easy. I thank you Father and I thank you friends for the HOPE you have given us when times have been so hard. I am trying to learn as the plaque my dear Mother-in-Law gave me that "Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass..... It's about learning to dance in the rain".


Ashlee said...

That is so sweet, I hope you know I always cry reading your posts. You have such a way with words.
I am so happy for you and all you have gone through together as a family. You love those times and hate them at the same time. I love that quote on that plaque. That is definitely one to crochet into a pillow or something!
We love you guys and hope to see you soon! We should be traveling out there soon so I'll be in touch.

Jensens said...

Beautiful post! I have been feeling VERY similar to that when looking back at our last 7 months. What joy to be where we are now. This holiday season was sooo very joyous with SOO many more blessings than I ever dreamed of! Your babies are soooo adorable and look absolutely great! I have been looking at those chair thingies, but didn't know if my girls were ready for them yet--now I see your babies in them, I think I may get them!

You guys are amazing parents and your babies are where they are because of the prayers of special people--but MOSTLY because of loving parents who want the VERY best for their children and are strong and have faith! You have come sooo far! Each day (for me) seems to get a little easier and more "normal" and soooo full of happiness! Each time I get a HUGE smile, it just melts me and all we have gone thru was worth it for that moment! You have valiant miracles in your home and they are SUPPOSED to be here at THIS time of life. I hope and pray for your 2009 to be happier and a much lighter load, and full of many more blessings! We love you guys!

Nickie said...

Dear Eskelsons, I have your blog in my Favorites, and look to see what the news is with your family. Thank you for the updates. Derrick has been in Guatemala for almost a year and a half and has loved every minute. Brady Grayson is in Texas, and Mike Smith is in France. Nice to have these guys serving in the mission field. We hope you continue to have a Happy and Prosperous New year in 2009. We send our love, Nickie and Greg Fowles

Rod Eskelson said...

I love looking into their eyes they are so full of love. Just can't wait to see them terrorize us when they start moving around a little more. SO CUTE!