Friday, May 2, 2008

A more detailed update!

Today we were notified that Cierra had a tough time with her blood pressure last night. They put her on dopamine to keep it up. The Doctor is positive it is her ductus artery; the same one Carsen had surgery on. They are putting her in surgery later today for a ligation surgery.
Cierra’s Doctor just called me back and said everything went perfectly. He also said that while he was looking around inside her chest cavity that all of her organs looked great…really healthy.

Today we were in Ogden visiting the babies; Braden and Grace were at the hospital with us. They just wanted to see where Mom and Dad were going all the time. Braden kept asking to go see the babies. He is too young right now so the nurses won’t let him go back. Which is alright because he would play with everything in there that goes beep, there are a lot of machines beeping too.
Last night we blessed the babies and gave them their names. It was such a wonderful and spiritual experience. I felt so comforted and gave both of them all the wonderful blessings that they deserve. Uncle Mike and Uncle Kyle were there to help.
Heidi’s brother Kyle has been able to stop in and see the babies while he is at work. He has also given them both blessings when we weren’t able to be there. It is so very comforting to know that he, and Naja are there talking to the twins every day.

Cierra is doing really well today. She is on a jet ventilator, which is the specialized ventilator for premature babies. When she started her oxygen needs were at 85, tonight her needs are at 30. So her little lungs are getting stronger every day.
Carsen is still having trouble with bleeding on his brain. His right side is bleeding pretty badly and it is swelling and causing the left side to get crowded. The doctors aren’t worried too much right now but they will be measuring his head every day to make sure it doesn’t swell to fast. Up till now his head hasn’t swollen at all so they think that the bleeding has either stopped or it is so slow that things will get better and they won’t have to drain any brain fluid to reduce the swelling. It is an answer to our prayers, one more of the many miracles that we all have been blessed with.
Both of the twins are eating Mommy’s milk every 4 hours. Cierra gets 3.5ml every 4 hours and Carsen is eating 7ml every 4 hours. If they are tolerating it well that amount will go up every 12 hours. Right now Carsen weighs 2lbs, and Cierra weighs 2lbs 2oz.
We are getting so much support from everyone in the community here, and our ward back in Eagle Valley. I have heard so many people putting our, and the twins names on the prayer rolls at the temple that they must be on them 30 times. I truly feel that spiritual strength from everyone’s faith and all the positive thoughts for our benefit.
Braden and Grace got to go back and see the twins through the window today. They brought them matching little stuffed animals to sit on their incubators. But Carsen and Cierra need Braden and Grace to take care of them until they get home. They were so good, the nurse made them wear little face masks with Disney characters on them and fold their arms. The mask was too big for Grace she couldn’t see over it completely so it didn’t last long on her but she did keep her arms folded and so did Braden. Braden loved seeing their little feet moving around, he was so excited. He was saying “Which one is Carsen, Where is Cierra, I see his feet daddy, Look there’s Cierra’s leg.” When I told them to say goodbye Braden and Grace stared kissing the window and saying “I wub you Arsen, I wub you Yierra” So cute. I was really glad they got to see their brother and sister it really helped make sense of everything to them.

More pictures to come and Thank you for all your support and prayers!