Friday, August 15, 2008

Is the wait finally over?

I have just arrived at the hotel in Salt Lake. We are holding our breath that Carsen doesn't. The doctors have promised that if Carsen doesn't have any more Apnea episodes by Sunday he can come home! Carsen has had to go seven days in a row with no actual Apnea episodes. (When he forgets to breathe.) Sunday will be day number seven. We have learned to be a little superstitous as the doctors and nurses are. They don't like to mention it around Carsen because they think he is listening. For example, last Friday Brandon and I headed for Salt Lake with the intention of bringing Carsen home on Monday. Monday being his seventh day with no episodes. Well, sure enough about an hour into the drive the Nurse Practitioner calls and says "Sorry he's not coming home on Monday." Carsen had just had an apnic spell. That started the clock again back to day zero. We were sooooo dissapointed. The car was packed with all his things and we felt totally prepared to bring him home. We were sad but assured that if he's not ready then it's not the right time. We certainly don't want to push him. He needs to take as much time as he needs to get well. So, here I am back in Salt Lake trying not to hold my breath. (And Carsen too!) We hope your ready buddy.


Ramanda said...

Hiedi! It's Ramanda, a friend of Brandon's in Colorado. Your guys' patience is incredible! Hopefully it pays off! I want so bad for you guys to be able to all be homw ang get settled into a routine! Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us! It inspires me and I am so impressed by you two! Tell that Brandon that I said hello!

p.s. that photo of him a few post married one goodlooking guy he he!

Take care!